CLP motorized pumps

The long experience in the field has led us to select very reliable components with a particular focus on their energy efficiency and their silence.
Our systems can be powered, even at the same time, by divesrse sources with different engines ranging from traditional electric motors to brushless electric motors to PTO driven by endothermic engines.
You can therefore combine pumps, even of different nature, by optimizing and managing different pressure / flow parameters for the various components by means of micro programmable controllers.

The standard range offers electric motors from 0.8 to 3 kW with or without electronic flow control.


Tecnical Data

CLP-0K8-24800W 24V Pump 28080
CLP-2K-242 kW 24V Pump 366114
CLP-3K-243 kW 24V Pump 408160

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