Quality and reliability of service for over 25 years For the past 25 years Riggservice has installed and distributed the most important manufacturers of rigging, hydraulics and deck hardware RSH Hydraulics: the new high pressure hydraulics products line RSH Hydraulics the complete ultra-light, high performance hydraulics is now available RIGGservice, progettazione e installazione di sartiame, idraulica e attrezzatura di coperta, Chiavari, Italia Rigging Specialists from nitronic and fibers to carbon We produce, install and tune rigging in every existent shape


For the past 25 years RIGGservice has installed and distributed the most important manufacturers of rigging, hydraulics and deck hardware.
Always in the forefront in tecnology and design with costant attention to achieve higher quality standard it established the reference in marine leisure industry.
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RIGGservice project and realize hydraulic powered sailing systems.
A hydraulic power system can be engineered to perform many tasks from furling the sails to hauling up the anchor.
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Rigg Global Service
and products

Deck hardware, running &standing rigging, hyraulics and consulting.

Details that make the difference

In the choice of materials and equipment used are the details that guarantee the reliability of our products.

Always at the forefront
of technology and design

RIGGservice is always at the forefront of technology and design, with a very high quality standard that has made it the reference of the Deck Equipment sector.

Last news Rigging solutions

  • By Steve Loutrel System safety checks Hydraulic system pose certain hazards. Don’t attempt to inspect a system that is under high pressure, and never use your finger to check for leaks. Leaks can be dangerous; even minute jets of hydraulic fluid can puncture the skin,......

  • By Steve Loutrel Control systems The functions of a control system include choosing which cylinder to adjust, reading the pressure in the selected cylinder, and increasing or reducing the pressure. Cylinder control systems come in various packages. The simplest is the integral cylinder, which has......

  • By Steve Loutrel Manual pump systems The pump that supplies pressure to the hydraulic system may be manually or electrically powered. (For racing yachts, the rules require that the pump be manual.) The important characteristics for a manual pump are: Pressure capability must match the......


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