E370 Eco Integral Backstay Adjuster

To respect the environment, mineral oil has been replaced by the latest generation of biodegradable fluid across the entire RSH adjusters line.

The RSH Integral adjuster bodies and fittings are made of black hard-coated aluminum and AISI 316 steel for the rod.

Easy to operate, featuring a prominent positioned pressure gauge, enabling fast and accurate reading of tension values.

The standard range is optimized for work with the last generation of yacht layout.

Tecnical Data

Ref.DescriptionMax pull force
@ 5000PSI
Body Ø
Gap / Pin
L Open
l Closed
E370-ECO-010Integral adjuster -10 ECO 2180451/211988433553.88
E370-ECO-012Integral adjuster -12 ECO 3450575/812118483634.54
E370-ECO-017Integral adjuster -17 ECO 3920575/812118483634.54
EJ370-010-10 adjuster toggle kit
EJ370-017-12/-17 adjuster toggle kit

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