E254 Double rod cylinders

They are double-acting cylinders and are born for the control of the mainsheet travellers but they are also used for the movement of the genoa cars or other custom functions.

Normally they are used with a 2:1 or 3:1 inverse tackle, which is why a range of accessories is available for coupling with many of the blocks on the market.


Tecnical Data

Ref.DescriptionMax pull force
@ 5000PSI
Body Ø
E254-XX-010-10 double rod cylinder 2630421/2-20312243Custom
E254-XX-012-12 double rod cylinder 3450525/8-18340250Custom
E254-XX-017-17 double rod cylinder 4940575/8-18352265Custom
E254-XX-022-22 double rod cylinder 6300633/4-16396278Custom
E254-XX-030-30 double rod cylinder 10020827/8-14405348Custom
E254-XX-040-40 double rod cylinder 146101011-12502363Custom

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