On-board hydraulic systems

That oil is an excellent vehicle for transferring energy from a source to an actuator, in the nautical sector, has been understood since the ’70s and already from the following decade its spread on boats made hydraulics an inalienable reality.
Since then we have come a long way and the hydraulics of our day allows us things that were previously unimaginable, especially in terms of size, weight and versatility.

In recent years to meet the needs of the latest generation of yachts we have made a great effort in the search for systems with low energy impact and that ensure maximum silent operation

Our product lines:
With our line of RSH cylinders and  control units we guarantee the movement of all sailing maneuvers, both in the classic manual configuration and with various more or less sophisticated engine levels.

The CLP line with its great flexibility of customization allows us to propose systems for the management of all the hydraulic functions on board both linear (cylinders) and rotary like winches, winders or propellers.
The interface with electronic controllers allows us to program automatism and synergies between functions such as, for example, the movement of the keels and their locking systems.
We can manage different power sources at the same time to have, when needed, the maximum power available as. for example, in the operation of bow-thrusters.


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