Solenoid valve blocks

They are assembled using components of the highest quality and can be configured with various types of valves for different needs.

The CLF line is the result of several years of collaboration with “Nuove Tecnologie” :

CLF-01 valve: designed to operate all the standard cylinders, it allows the control of the oil flow in supply and in release mode and incorporates the discharge speed adjustment.
It can be equipped with pressure transducer just for a remote display or for interfacing with the PLC for more complex features.

CLF-350 valve: it is the “race” evolution of CLF, optimized for use with higher pressure range, it allows to manage more performing systems with more compact, light and fast actuators.

The range of application is vast and can include all the other onboard hydraulic functions (rotary and winding) and linear (single or double acting cylinders) and whatever the range of pressure and oil flow they need.


Tecnical Data

CLF-022 way CLF valve block 2521041472,5
CLF-033 way CLF valve block 2521441473,7
CLF-044 way CLF valve block 2521841474,9
CLF-055 way CLF valve block 2522231476,1
CLF-066 way CLF valve block 2522641477,3
CLF-077 way CLF valve block 2523031478,5
CLF-088 way CLF valve block 2523421479,7

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