E250 Cylinders

The RSH cylinders bodies and fittings are made of black hard-coated aluminum and AISI 316 steel for the rod.

The standard range is optimized for work with the last generation of yacht layout.
On request they can be supplied with custom stroke, push-pull version or according to specific needs.


Tecnical Data

Ref.DescriptionMax pull force
@ 5000PSI
Body Ø
Gap / Pin
L Open
l Closed
E250-LE -010-10 LE Cylinder 2630421/21/2-209075643431,38
E250-LE-012-12 LE Cylinder 3450525/85/8-189606003602,37
E250-LE-017-17 LE Cylinder 4940575/85/8-189626023602,63
E250-LE-022-22 LE Cylinder 6300633/43/4-1610306503803,61
E250-LE-030-30 LE Cylinder 10020827/87/8-1411327134196,48
E250-LE-040-40 LE Cylinder 1461010111-12124378645710,45
E250-LE-060-60 LE Cylinder 194601141 1/41 1/4-12143790453315,96
E250-LE-090-90 LE Cylinder 261701401 3/81 1/4-12134674360325,84

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